We create social and inspirational events, where the focus lies on providing local consumers, visitors and tourists regional food knowledge, using the farm to fork mindset to promote and encourage sustainable food consumption, whilst lowering food waste.
Our creative ideas and Nordic values are implemented in both events and projects, making us key players in motivating and connecting organisations, businesses and individuals to co-work for the common Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Read more


Artisan food producers, farmers, restaurants, bars, hotels, coffee shops, bakeries, farm shops and many more all have a win in participating in our Reboot Tourism project. It’s time to collaborate and create potential best practices for the “new normal” of social events in the Nordic and Baltic countries.
The consumer’s interest in gastronomy with a social cause, supporting local and greener businesses are valuable reasons to strive to improve the future and act more responsibly. You’ll be part of a challenging and socially innovative events and concepts, gain new customers and partners, increase your revenue and visibility. At the same time, you’ll learn new solutions, expand your network and motivate your team. Contact us for more info.


Take part in a region’s most exciting food community with events, workshops, pop-ups, volunteer work with local farmers and much more. You get to enjoy unique tasting experiences while supporting local organisations and businesses.
Learn about sustainability through food that support local farmers, embodies zero-waste philosophies and promotes ecological public health.

The Reboot Tourism innovation and sustainability culture enables individuals and organisations to engage in various initiatives to create and support societal impact.

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