About us

OUR STORY – The essence of Gastro

One day out and about in the city, we were surprised how many new restaurants have popped up the last month, and quickly realised we won’t even have the time to try half of them, even less so understand their work in sustainability.
What if you could do just that? At first, everyone thought we’re crazy trying to pull this off in one evening, but we convinced 25 venues of our new idea and then, in February 2016, the first Gastro event was launched in Vilnius. Instead of sitting at a table for an hour to try an appetiser without any connection to its origins, continue with excitement to the next destination for another Gastro treat and knowledge. At this first social event, people shared tables with strangers, exchanged and discussed experiences and created new friendships. Kaunas Gastro and Klaipėda Gastro both followed the same year, continuing with annual Gastro events, each engaging more than thousand people.


Besides creating these social gastronomy events, we’re showcasing the latest values in sustainability and putting focus on the community. Being committed to sustainability, we also wanted to understand the venues’ work in this field. At our events, we require participating partners and venues to use local and ecological produce to the farthest extent possible. This is one of the ways we and they show transparency.
Healthy food and Zero Waste in our events are the current goals we’re asking everyone to aim for, as do we work towards these goals not only professionally but also personally.


To get a small introduction to the skill-set we share among us, imagine a group of international professionals with a wide area of knowledge. All of them experienced in different complex tasks such as project management, software programming, hospitality industry, communication, engineering and more.
Together, we’re all contributing to demystify the complex idea of what sustainability is, and should be.
Feel the urge to contribute? Contact us, let us know who you are and join the team.



Two of the key aspects when it comes to economic sustainability is efficiency and responsibility, both for you and others. F.e., return on investment, growth, profit sharing and business performance.

We make sure to involve it all, trying to reduce your costs while keeping it green.


Taking care of our planet isn’t just about reducing fossil fuel emissions and recycling.

The products and services involved in an event is a wide concept, where we have a great responsibility to this and coming generations, one of our top priorities to follow.


Visibility and interaction in the local community, staff at the venue and suppliers are all part of social sustainability.

Showcasing you and your venue in social media, gathering people, creating buzz are some of the things we do.

(If you recognise the three pillars above, it’s because we share them with our consultancy agency, Sustainable Vilnius. Should you wish to have a customised sustainable event of your own, contact us there.)