Viktorija Štarevičiūtė

Jam made of watermelon rind? No way!

We could have many arguments over what tastes nice, but one thing is for sure – a Summer without a watermelon just doesn’t really count as a Summer, no? And I bet that situation, when the rubbish bin mysteriously fills up after eating (or I’d rather say “drinking”) the juicy watermelon, is SUPER relatable. Apart […]

What’s new about this years’ Vilnius Gastro Zero?

A breeze of fresh air is flowing in Vilnius’ gastronomy world; chefs from the restaurants of Lithuania’s capital are preparing for a challenge. You are invited to see the results at this year’s Vilnius Gastro Zero. 12 restaurants and bars accepted the challenge, and will prepare their special dishes and drinks with a very important […]