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Buongiorno Trattoria

Buongiorno Trattoria

The very heart of Kaunas centre. Wherever you look – there’s a restaurant. It takes patience and effort to stand out and keep the flow of customers, but it seems that Buongiorno Trattoria has no problems.

What was once upon a time only a small spot of Italian products, a place opened amidst an economic crisis in Lithuania, is now a well-established venue that can offer the best flavours of Italy.

A Place to Return to

The present owners of the restaurant, at first, in 2003, entered the business as distributors of Italian products for other restaurants. In 2009, to reach the people faster, a small shop was opened. However, the clients had to be educated on what exactly to do with such luxurious ingredients, how to prepare them, so Buongiorno Taverna opened its door in 2010. The place was successful but not roomy enough, so a few months later, everyone was invited to Buongiorno Trattoria.

Having been open for seven years, Buongiorno Trattoria has become a place to return to for many people. “We have some customers that are coming back each week, and there are those who come less often, a few times a year, but from the very beginning, we keep seeing the familiar faces for seven years”, – says Eimantas, the manager.

Quality Ingredients

Italian cuisine is known for its quality and that is what Trattoria is aiming for, even if not all the ingredients are from Italy. Some of the cheeses are from France, some of the products are local, but just because they can maintain the quality. “The main courses are not all Italian, some of them resemble Mediterranean Sea cuisine, but what is the most important to us, are the ingredients of highest quality”, – says Eimantas.

The menu is difficult to change because people are used to the dishes and their absence would be really felt. Another point made by Eimantas is that many of the dishes can be prepared despite the season, like pizzas or pastas with cured meats, cheeses, and special sauces, so there is no need to change them. However, they do add something seasonal to the menu according to the season, to keep it fresh and exciting for the customers.

The Cuisine of Kaunas

Eimantas is glad that there are new restaurants opening that can surprise its visitors with new flavours and better quality. “There are many more great food places in Kaunas now than there were before, which makes me very happy”, – he says.

Kaunas Gastro

Buongiorno Trattoria will be participating for the first time but they are eager to join the experience and be a part of this event. Eimantas sees the event as a great possibility to explore the city and its gastronomy, so don’t miss out.