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Casa della pasta

Casa della pasta

Freshly renovated corner of Laisvės avenue. On the left – the greatness of the church of St. Michael the Archangel, on the right – the continuous stream of trees and calmly strolling people. That’s the sight that welcomes you before you open the door of the sand coloured building, before you enter the house of pasta.  In Kaunas for only a year, it has already developed an image and is certainly a bright spot in Kaunas.

Simple Italian Dishes

The owner of the restaurant, Fabio, is from Italy. Having gained experience working in Italian restaurants in London, he has brought it to Lithuania to build the venue he would be proud of. With the help of another Italian chef, Gennarro, he is doing just that.

Together they have created a menu that is uncomplicated but attractive, and has a lot to offer. The menu does not change too often; they have their fundamental list of dishes that is updated once in a while with the new ones. The dishes themselves are simple and easy to enjoy.

Fabio is really proud of the pizza they make at the restaurant because they use the flour delivered from Italy, and, according to the chef Gennarro, that makes all the difference. “Pizza making is complicated. It looks easy but it’s not. It’s not only about mixing the water and flour together and expecting magic. Many more different things play the part, and Italian flour for an Italian pizza is very important”, – he says.

Everyone’s Invited

In addition to those delicious meals, the restaurant is welcoming, comfortable, and warm. Its bright space immediately sets the mood, and beautifully complements the whole experience. The restaurant focuses on being a family restaurant, and because of that everyone can find something for themselves there. Therefore a much wider audience can be seen taking up the tables.

Their Philosophy

The team of Casa Della Pasta is really happy to be in Kaunas. The restaurant is popular, and it’s easy to see why. They do not cut working hours, they never close, not even when everyone else is taking a day off.  “The people of Kaunas know that our restaurant is open, even on holidays, and they can come and eat here”, – says Fabio. He also adds that he is now very proud of his team. “Whatever struggles we had, they are now gone”, – he says.

Moreover, they do not seem to be stopping. The restaurant is about to open its lounge bar, and Fabio does not hold back the plans to expand when the timing is right, and when the right place will be at hand.

Kaunas Gastro

The team of Casa Della Pasta will be participating in Kaunas Gastro for the first time and sees it as a great experience both for the restaurant and for Kaunas. They are putting all the efforts into preparation, and are happy to be a part of it, however, they do not disclose what will be put on the tables at the time of the event. So, let’s wait and find out.