Kaunas Gastro

Kauno Kolegija

Kauno kolegija Kaunas Gastro 2017. A wonderful evening out enjoying the culinary delights Kaunas has to offer. Taking a refreshing walk from one venue to the other to taste a few stunning meals, created by the best chefs in town. A sea of various salads, vegetables, sauces, meats, and spices. Meet – Taste – Experience […]

Lithuanian Pub Entry

Lithuanian Pub Entry The Old Town of Kaunas. Many different places here allow to be immersed into the joys of gastronomy. However, one more dared to join the gang and now welcomes its customers into the space of forgotten times and flavours. Lithuanian Pub Entry is different from its neighbours and the vision of the […]

Maisto Bankas

Maisto Bankas What began in 2001 as charity campaigns and fundraisings, in 2007 became an independent fund for providing food to the ones in need. Maisto Bankas is now fully working in 74 cities in Lithuania and achieving greater and greater results for the cause. Not Just Volunteering This non-profit organisation focuses on responsible food […]


SALA An exotic place in the middle of Kaunas. The premises that draw the largest crowds with its concerts, games and entertainment. However, there is one thing more to enjoy in Žalgiris arena. A modern yet warm and inviting environment. Industrial design with a touch of elegance. Outside the huge window – Nemunas calmly running […]

Buongiorno Trattoria

Buongiorno Trattoria The very heart of Kaunas centre. Wherever you look – there’s a restaurant. It takes patience and effort to stand out and keep the flow of customers, but it seems that Buongiorno Trattoria has no problems. What was once upon a time only a small spot of Italian products, a place opened amidst […]

Jurgis ir Drakonas

Jurgis ir Drakonas With its first traces of success at Kaziukas Mugė in 2014, when it was still a mere idea of a mobile pizza – the brainchild of Tom Nicholson and his wife Beata, Jurgis ir Drakonas is now a renowned restaurant chain, with four venues in Vilnius and one in Kaunas. Over the […]


Siesta Moving further away from the city. Away from tall concrete buildings, city lights, and all the noise. The restaurant Siesta can be proud of being able to offer something more than just good food and service – they can enrichen your evening with beautiful, natural surroundings too. However, to experience the atmosphere, the nature […]


Optimistai One of the main streets of Kaunas. Nearby – a noisy bus station. Being open just for two months, the restaurant is already showing its true potential and receiving worthy clients. The owner of the restaurant, Mindaugas, is the head chef in the kitchen and also manages the restaurant himself. From the very first […]

Žali Žali

Žali Žali Green hoodies. Smiling faces. A happy family. Behind them – a happy thriving family business. Indrė and Vincas are the founders of something many people are already familiar with – Žali Žali, the brand that grows and distributes sprouts. However, the name they have now did not come easily, and the story of […]

Casa della pasta

Casa della pasta Freshly renovated corner of Laisvės avenue. On the left – the greatness of the church of St. Michael the Archangel, on the right – the continuous stream of trees and calmly strolling people. That’s the sight that welcomes you before you open the door of the sand coloured building, before you enter […]