Kaunas Gastro


Trinity Away from Kaunas. A few months back. Vilnius Gastro 2017. A labyrinth of the greatest restaurants in Vilnius for people to explore. Now it is clear that one of them stood out. Having succeeded in surprising and making our palates happy in Vilnius, the team of Trinity has some advice to share with the […]

Hop Doc

Hop Doc The word “restaurant” might convey a certain image in our heads. White tablecloths, candles, luxurious silverware, elegant waiters swiftly moving between tables and making our every wish a reality on our plate. However, one restaurant in Kaunas is everything but that, though that is their strength. Hop Doc possesses the simplicity that lets […]


DIVERSO Noisy street. Buses going back and forth. Different countries from all over the world. Each time – different guests. DIVERSO has no problem with such a pace and diversity. On the contrary – being a part of a hotel is one of the advantages of the restaurant. DIVERSO has already been greeting the visitors […]

Restoranas DIA

DIA A calm city street. Modern elegance. Impeccable service and an undivided attention. Impressive interior and quality. These could be the words to describe restaurant DIA. Restaurant is in the business only for two years, and it has already succeeded in gaining respect. As later becomes evident, success lies in their strong team and in […]

Višta Puode

Višta Puode The centre of the city. The dynamic S. Daukanto street. Nearby – an even more dynamic Laisvės avenue. Amidst the busy crowds of locals and tourists hides a warm and inviting restaurant “Višta Puode”. The restaurant, connected by one kitchen, is actually separated into three areas: Svetainė, where one, apart from the general […]