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What can we learn from the Danish Model?

Lockdown has been a struggle at the best of times. However if there’s one good thing that’s come out of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s that people have been finding novel ways to reconnect with the world around them. One of the areas of life this has affected concerns how we relate to and choose our […]

Empty shelves

Stockpiling: is it justified?

We live in unprecedented times. But the world has seen pandemics before, so what makes the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak so different? For one thing, with social media playing such a major part in everyday life, people can follow how the pandemic unfolds on a timely, minute-by-minute basis. On the one hand, this has been […]

5 reasons to eat with the seasons: winter produce

We live in a time when fresh produce is transported across the world, allowing us to enjoy a beautiful variety of fruits and vegetables all-year long. This convenience is so widely available that we often lose touch with eating seasonally and miss out on many of the benefits. Many of us forget what fruits and […]

3 ways to save money by reducing food waste

Believe it or not, nowadays food waste is a huge problem. All of us, consumers, have a great impact on this. But also we can help to solve it by changing our habits related to food consumption. Yes, we have less and less time and usually do not have energy to think about what is […]

Plant-based diets: are they truly sustainable?

What is the most significant driver change to our global ecosystems? Food production. Yet we need food to survive, so is there a way we can make our diets more sustainable? Time and time again we are told that we must reduce our meat and dairy consumption, but plants need water, land and nutrients too, […]

What about pumpkin flour?

Pumpkin is a king of the autumn. The internet is full of recipes of pumpkin bread, pies, cookies, soups, risotto, jams, candies, pancakes – the possibilities are endless. But what if we make flour out of it? We have many varieties of flour in the supermarkets: made of chickpeas, lenses, soy, coconuts, almonds, rice but […]

What to look out for when you go shopping

Shopping, shopping, shopping. Something we spend a lot of time doing in modern life! Yet, the place where retailers meet customers can be a place of havoc and chaos, especially when it comes to sustainability. With so much produce and variety on the shelves of supermarkets, how on earth can we know if our choices […]

2020 in restaurants: trends

What a world we live in! All around us, technology is advancing, people are becoming more aware of sustainability and life is getting faster. With so much change, it is hard to imagine what our planet will look like in the far future. Yet we can make rough guesses of where the food industry will […]

What can be made from old porridge, so that we do not throw it away?

Maybe it’s a bitter cold morning. Maybe it’s gym day. Or, maybe you just fancy it. Whatever your reason for making porridge, don’t you just love that warming, energising dish? In a world where ready-made food is becoming more and more accessible, there is something so great about making breakfast from scratch. But, I’m sure […]

Jam made of watermelon rind? No way!

We could have many arguments over what tastes nice, but one thing is for sure – a Summer without a watermelon just doesn’t really count as a Summer, no? And I bet that situation, when the rubbish bin mysteriously fills up after eating (or I’d rather say “drinking”) the juicy watermelon, is SUPER relatable. Apart […]