What’s new about this years’ Vilnius Gastro Zero?

What’s new about this years’ Vilnius Gastro Zero?

A breeze of fresh air in Vilnius gastronomy world is flowing since the chefs of the restaurants of the capital of Lithuania are preparing again for a challenge to invite you to this year’s „Vilnius Gastro Zero” which will take place for two days this time. 12 restaurants and bars accepted the challenge and will prepare their special dishes and drinks as well as a very important message – reducing the food waste.

As the name of the event implies, this year we not only want to invite people to have a quality time and food experience (these ones being guaranteed) but also to make a big step towards community and sustainability: apart from usual ‘no paper tickets’ policy and encouraging the participants to use environmentally friendly means of transport, we are supporting heavily the use of organic and local products while making food and – needless to say – no plastic straws. 

Therefore all the restaurants and bars participating in this year’s event take up a challenge to create special plant-based dishes and drinks using safe and quality ingredients that have lost their perfect appearance: “tired”, “ugly”, bruised or impaired in any other way. The ones that would usually be buried in the landfill.

The chefs promise to be extremely creative and to invite you all to a luxurious gastronomy experience through smell, taste and aesthetics and thereby inspire us all to apply this kind of attitude towards food in general and cooking at home. 

Despite inducing the zero food waste, creativity and inspiration, this year’s event is special since it will take place for two days and offer 3 different food routes – blue, green and yellow. A ticket holder who has registered with a smartphone will be able to visit up to 6 restaurants and bars located on one route. 

Visit „Korean Taste”, „Le Travi”, „Nomads”, „Šventaragio sodas” and „Uncle Sam’s” while on the Blue route; „Georgian House”, „Rieke Bistro”, „Stebuklai”, „Trinity Bar” and „White Rice GAO” while on the Green route and enjoy the additional „Mano Guru” to the latter while on the Yellow route. 

We are organising this „Vilnius Gastro”  event for the 4th time this year and we can assure that it will provide many impressions, tastes and overall experiences. There are limited tickets so if you do not want to miss the opportunity and indulge yourself in this exceptional gastro adventure, make sure to get your tickets now.