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Community Women & Recipes for Change

Date(s) - 2021/05/12
10:15 - 11:15



Women are reshaping reality in different parts of the world so as to overcome gender bias relations that underlie our food systems. Social Gastronomy can be a powerful global tool devoted to taking an active part in reshaping the food planet, illustrating the wide variety of approaches we need. One of these is to significantly increase and carry out joint female-focused projects with local governments and organisations that have stronger feet on the ground.
Intercultural integration and turning knowledge into action are important steps in empowering women to create a sustainable income model.

Social Gastronomy organisations are responding to address the inequities in the food systems and are re-imagining a more sustainable, equitable and healthy future. The movement plays an important role to help raise the profile and visibility of women in the food industry. There are many determined, decisive and courageous women that are dedicating their lives to build resilient communities, using traditional methods. Women who want to do good through food.

Join our first Social Gastronomy Talk discussing the importance and offering solutions in how we foster solidarity, resilience and culture of cooperation.

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Edith Salminen, Food Culture Strategist, Finland

Edith Salminen

Rooted in an innate love for food, Edith’s broad mix of experiences and education around food have ushered her to seek out an understanding of the complexity of food systems, and the connection between people, food and society. With a background in social anthropology of food and gastronomic sciences, Edith works as a Food Culture Strategist and runs her own company, UNA, to foster sustainable food systems, particularly on a local level. Whether it is organizing community workshops, giving educational talks or working on cross-sectorial projects, Edith’s core competence lies in her holistic approach to food and in her ideas about how food can be used as a social tool to drive societal and behavioural change. She is an insatiable food geek who is always looking for new ways to make the world a little bit better.



Lena Friblick, founder & CEO, Botildenborg, Sweden

Lena is the founder of Botildenborg, an organization working with urban food and farming to create solutions for a sustainable future. The organization is based in Malmö, Sweden, and work but locally, nationally and internationally.
Lena and the organization have received several awards. 2018 Lena was chosen as one of the world’s 50 most influential social entrepreneurs.




Sally Bourdon, Action Researcher at Fab Lab Barcelona, Spain

Sally is a multi-disciplinary professional– biologist, ecological economist and teacher — working on creating a just present based on citizen-centered societies and economies that produce locally and connect globally. She is currently an action researcher at Fab Lab Barcelona and manages Food Tech 3.0, one of 9 of the Accelerator Labs for the H2020 EU project FoodSHIFT 2030, where she works to ensure the new generation of food technology is open, equitable, sustainable and citizen-centered. She is passionate about making information that is typically held in academic or professional silos accessible to people of all backgrounds and creating contexts for different populations to take action on them, particularly in the nexus of sustainable food systems, social & environmental justice, and food sovereignty. Her past work includes researching food deserts; creating multi-actor local food dialogues; supporting school garden activities; and assessing the holistic sustainability of rooftop garden spaces.



Karolina Vi-Meid, Co-Founder Vila Komoda, Lithuania

After spending 12 years in the hospitality business between Lithuania and the United Kingdom, Karolina Vi-Meid now runs her own company in seaside resort town Palanga, Lithuania. Vila Komoda is a historical family home as well as a renowned seasonal food restaurant co-founded in 2018, by Karolina and her partner, Chef Martyn Meid. Karolina’s passion and awareness within food sustainability is undoubtedly rooted in her genes; throughout her life, Karolina has been surrounded by a family who values seasonality and food preservation, and after starting her career in a family-run restaurant as a kitchen porter at the age of 13, her passion and respect for a sustainable approach to gastronomy bloomed.
Upon graduation from high school, Karolina studied a degree in the UK before working with various event production companies such as Secret Cinema and Wonderland Events, organising creative events, gallery openings, large conferences. This experience enhanced her passion to work within the community, surrounded by people.
Karolina’s main motivation is to achieve and maintain equal guest and employee treatment and to operate her business ethically and in line with her own high standards.



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