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Empowering Women – Social Gastronomy talks

Date(s) - 2021/12/07
13:00 - 14:00



Read about the dialogue at UN’s Food System Dialogues

Now available on YouTube: Talk 1 – ”Unlocking women’s potential”, Talk 2 – ”Social Gastronomy and the power of food”.


December 7th, 2021

Talk 1 – ”Unlocking women’s potential” 13:00-14:00 CET


Caroline Busatto, Brazil

Positive Impact Consultant, Co-leader of Dona de Mim, United People Sustainability Leader

Caroline Busatto wakes up to promote a new economy that enhances life, taking into account planet boundaries and the social fabric. She is a speaker, teacher and writer. She also works as a consultant to design and implement interventions to generate positive impact with award winning interventions. She co-leads Dona de Mim – a movement toward gender equality – that has already reached 1,800 people in two years. She is a leader in Sustainability from United People Global, has a Certificate on Holistic Science and Economics for Transition (Schumacher College) and a degree in Production Engineering (PUCPR). With over a decade of working for large companies and 3rd sector (Nestlé, L’Oréal, Boticário Foundation for Nature Protection), has broad experience on innovative interventions.



Donia Souad Amamra, France

Co-Founder Meet My Mama

Donia is the co-founder of Meet my Mama, a social start-up that serves a community of migrant women that are entrepreneurs in the catering industry in Paris. The goal of the project is to empower these women to use their culinary gifts to share their culture through food.

Right now, the organization has over 300 mamas that have participated in their culinary training and catering business. The Mamas of Meet my Mama, serve a network of over 1000 corporate clients for events of all sizes. These events are an opportunity for mamas to gain exposure in the industry, and share their culture and skill.



Judith Höffkes, Germany

Project manager at Über den Tellerrand e.V.

Judith holds a degree in Islamic science and history with a focus on Gender Studies from Freie Universität Berlin.

At Über den Tellerrand e.V. Judith coordinates the project “Begegnungswerkstatt Deutschland”. Here, encounter formats are developed by and for people with and without refugee experience and impulses are set around the questions of intercultural coexistence in the post-migrant society.  Über den Tellerrand works to advance and spread its vision of an open and tolerant society in which everyone can participate and take up an active role, regardless of one’s origins.

Prior to joining Über den  Tellerrand, Judith managed an international place of encounter in Jerusalem and organized dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian activists. There she established a Women’s Network and focused on trust building and establishing a safe framework to promote solidarity and support for women. Judith lives with her family in Berlin. In her free time she enjoys sports and listening to feminist and pop cultural podcasts.



Chandni Gilbride, US

Founder & Principal, Sustainability & Inclusive Business Consultant, The Frogmouth Company AB

Chandni Gilbride is Principal Consultant and Founder of the Frogmouth Company AB where she provides inclusive business and sustainability consulting to companies, large and small. She started her career in global health focusing on driving access to products and services around infectious diseases and women’s health. She is incredibly passionate about the meeting point between technology, data, social equity and impact and much of her work has included capacity building and program development with large scale women’s organizations. Chandni is a New Yorker and an Indian-American by birth. She has also spent time living and working in Asia and relocated to southern Sweden a year ago. She is passionate about Liverpool Football Club, all sorts of food and cocktails and being in nature.


Talk 2 – ”Social Gastronomy and the power of food” 15:00-16:00 CET


Sally Bourdon, US

Action Researcher at Fab Lab Barcelona

Sally is a multi-disciplinary professional– biologist, ecological economist and teacher — working on creating a just present based on citizen-centered societies and economies that produce locally and connect globally. She is currently an action researcher at Fab Lab Barcelona and manages Food Tech 3.0, one of 9 of the Accelerator Labs for the H2020 EU project FoodSHIFT 2030, where she works to ensure the new generation of food technology is open, equitable, sustainable and citizen-centered.

She is passionate about making information that is typically held in academic or professional silos accessible to people of all backgrounds and creating contexts for different populations to take action on them, particularly in the nexus of sustainable food systems, social & environmental justice, and food sovereignty. Her past work includes researching food deserts; creating multi-actor local food dialogues; supporting school garden activities; and assessing the holistic sustainability of rooftop garden spaces.



Mette Strarup, Denmark

Chef & Partner at restaurant Lola and Head of social sustainability at Lola Impact

Mette Strarup is a Danish chef who works hard to bring equal rights for everybody in the gastronomic world. She has a background from Michelin star restaurants, but it wasn’t until she led a project of educating prison inmates that she discovered how powerful food can be. Ever since, she has been dedicated to bringing social values into her work. In 2015 she worked with Claus Meyer to open a culinary school in Brownsville, New York, where she educated young adults in the culinary field to provide them a skillset for a brighter future.

In 2018 she returned to Copenhagen, where she teamed up with Kamilla Seidler and Rune Toft to create Restaurant Lola. The mission of Lola is to set a higher standard in all social aspects of the industry. They aim to create a work environment free of sexism, racism and the general toxic atmosphere that tends to be very present in the culinary world.



Michellee Fox, Brazil

Chef and Dietary Manager at Mid-Valley Hospital Foundation

Michellee Fox is a world renowned sustainable chef, a visionary food system game changer and regenerative farmer and the Dietary Manager at Mid valley Hospital in Omak, WA. With over 15 years of experience in culinary and event management she successfully created 2 major festivals in Northern California. She is the host of CraftFood Podcast and works with the United Nations to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.  She takes FEMA Emergency Management Courses in her free time.



Wisma Goulart, Brazil

Founder and co-leader of Dona de Mim, Founder of We Are Oui Marketing Agency, Sustainability Leader of United People Global

Wisma is the Founder, and co-leader of Dona de Mim, Founder of We Are Oui Marketing Agency, Sustainability Leader of United People Global, a fellow of Bankimoon Centre, Gender Equality Activist, and Content Creator. A Latin American woman with indigenous roots that advocates for diversity, minorities, and women empowerment.