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Date(s) - 2020/12/09
15:00 - 17:00



Do people understand the value of food today? Our Nordic Talk focuses on front-runners that share their experience and know-how in building resilient societies. Organics are often more expensive, what can we do to mitigate this?
We are living in a time where information is abundant and accessibility isn’t an issue, but at the same time we can’t (or shouldn’t) trust all the “information” we may find. Ironically, it’s harder than ever to be well informed nowadays. It’s also harder than ever to make good food choices.

Talkers are hand-picked for their thought-provoking work and their backgrounds, combined with fresh thinking and a back-to-the-roots approach.
What does an urban farmer in Malmö, a creative restaurant supervisor in Vilnius and a Finnish eclectic food professional have in common?

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Nordic Talks is a series of live talks and podcasts addressing the biggest global challenges.
Through conversations with some of the brightest minds in the Nordics and their counterparts from around the world we want to inspire each other to act – for a better, more sustainable future.


Alex Gibb

Partner & Co-founder, British

Alex Gibb

Alex is a wannabe food anthropologist. As a passionate cook, he always has his nose in a new sauce, making the most of the abundant seasonal delights available locally. Alex has worked in all three sectors – public, private, and non-profit for over 20 years, with sustainable development at the heart of his activities. With he promotes food tourism; with Katalista Ventures, supporting food entrepreneurs; and in his personal life as a catalyst and connector, where food takes a central role. Katalista Ventures (KV) is Alex’s primary role. KV is the first triple top line focused accelerator and fund in the Baltic region ensuring that start-ups have a positive impact on people, the planet as well as seeking profit.



Edith Salminen

Food Culture Strategist, Finnish

Edith SalminenRooted in an innate love for food, Edith’s broad mix of experiences and education around food have ushered her to seek out an understanding of the complexity of food systems, and the connection between people, food and society. With a background in social anthropology of food and gastronomic sciences, Edith works as a Food Culture Strategist and runs her own company, UNA, to foster sustainable food systems, particularly on a local level. Whether it is organizing community workshops, giving educational talks or working on cross-sectorial projects, Edith’s core competence lies in her holistic approach to food and in her ideas about how food can be used as a social tool to drive societal and behavioural change. She is an insatiable food geek who is always looking for new ways to make the world a little bit better.


Vitalija Urbonaitė

Restaurant Supervisor, Lithuanian

Vitalija UrbonaiteVitalija is daughter of a farmer, who had a fantastic up-bringing in a small Lithuanian village surrounded by nature and with only one neighbour. She has been taught since early age to appreciate and love everything nature offers and to protect it as much as possible.

Later in life, she had a possibility to travel and live in a very different corner of the world, which was an eye opener. She experienced different cultures and their positive impact on community and the wild life.

With all her experience and background, today she runs passionately a small restaurant in Vilnius, Le Travi, and serves products which are genuine and tell much more about them than just a label on the packaging. Vitalija truly believes that happy animals and healthy soil gives us bigger gifts to use.


Saba Nazarian

Farm Director & Educator, Canadian

Saba-NazarianSaba is a culinary farmer and sustainable food advocate from Canada who currently acts as the Farm Director & Educator for Botildenborg, the Social Gastronomy Hub of the Nordics, located in Malmö Sweden.
Along with his passionate and driven team, Saba grows a selected variety of culinary vegetables, herbs and micro greens for Botildenborg’s kitchen as well as Malmö’s well-known restaurants, such as MJ’s, Bastard, and Atmosfär. As a mission-driven Agripreneur and traveller, Saba is devoted to helping young farmers around the world create productive and profitable farming enterprises by sharing his knowledge and experience, gained from working with his mentors Curtis Stone and Jean-Martin Fortier. Saba also acts as an educator and consultant for Stadsbruk, Scandinavia’s first urban farming incubator developed by Botildenborg organisation.



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