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Provoke Joy! – The development of meaning

Date(s) - 2022/02/18
10:00 - 11:00



This Talk will be focused on several SDGs food heroes, both from the Nordics and from all around the world, that are using this 18th SDG in their everyday work to improve our food systems.

Why are we not putting more focus on SDG 0 in order to set us up for success moving forward and what can we learn from these frontrunners that are doing so?

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September 18th 10:00-11:00 CEST



Dr Romas Malevicius, UK

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marketing at King’s Business School, King’s College London

Romas teaches modules related to marketing and sustainability. In his academic position, Romas’s research focuses on embedding education for sustainability in higher education. Romas is Learning Design and ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) (in collaboration with UNESCO IESALC) Bootcamp member and mentoring academics worldwide to incorporate sustainability into their teaching practices.

Romas is originally from Lithuania. He is also a digital artist and passionate about marketing, branding, and sustainability issues. He believes marketing has an important role in shifting consumer behaviour towards more sustainable lifestyles. He has been working with businesses, social enterprises and non-governmental organisations as a sustainability and marketing consultant. Romas helps organisations align their missions, branding and marketing campaigns with ethical and sustainable values. His consulting work allows Romas to apply his research and theory to practice in the field of sustainable marketing.



Migle Labeikyte, Lithuania

Project coordinator at Sustainable Gastro

Migle has a BA International Relations at University of Exeter and MSc Global Challenges for Sustainability major in Food Systems at Utrecht University.

Migle is part of the team building digital infrastructure for supply chain traceability to enable circular economy at

She is multilingual having lived in 6 countries originally from Lithuania, rediscovering the uniqueness of the Baltic way of life.



Daniel Lövgren, Sweden

Senior Lecturer at Uppsala University and researcher at Södertörn University

He has a PhD in media and communication studies, with a focus on communication and organizations. His current research follows two streams: one is focused on how ideas of visibility and branding enters and impacts the public sector (e.g., universities and eldercare). The second stream is focused on communicative aspects of the organizing of food and food systems, with an example being the phenomenon of REKO rings.




Emil Kiær Lund, Denmark

Coordinator and consultant to the so-called “Food Schools”, City of Copenhagen

In the past 7 years Emil has been working in depth with school food within the municipality.
In his current role he facilitates network activities between Food Schools, initiates competencies building activities, and practical implementation of the City’s food strategy that is targeting a 25 percent reduction of the CO2 footprint of the public meals.
There are currently 19 Food Schools in Copenhagen, producing around 6500 daily lunch meals for kids.
The students take part in the food production and the Food Schools have an increased focus on food literacy and using the kitchen as a learning space.