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Provoke Joy! – The final story

Date(s) - 2022/02/19
15:30 - 16:30



While there are deep concerns about the efficiency and level of waste in the food system, people, especially youth, want to believe that change in the food system is possible.

How might experiences change if they were designed to provoke joy? How might policies and institutions be different if we aspired towards a joyful society? How might we see those we are designing for differently, if we understood their joy?

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September 19th 15:30-16:30 CEST



Angela McKee-Brown, US

Founder of Project Reflect

Angela is the Founder of Project Reflect, a food systems design lab based in the United States that develops and builds meaningful, just and joyful food experiences with communities.

Prior to launching the lab, she served the Executive Director with The Edible Schoolyard Project, a non-profit dedicated to designing hands-on educational experiences in the garden, kitchen, and cafeteria that connect children to food, nature, and each other. Angela has also served as the Director of Innovation and Strategy with San Francisco Unified School District’s Future Dining Experience where she and her team leveraged private funding and the support of a $20 million bond to redesign the school food system of San Francisco.

She is a 2016-2017 Stanford University Civic Innovation Fellow. Angela holds a Master’s in Food Studies from NYU, and lives in Oakland, California with her wife, Annemarie.



Ana Gerlin Hernandez Bonilla Måbeck, Guatemala and Sweden

Creative Nutritionist in Health Innovation

Ana is a Guatemalan-Swedish creative nutritionist with an MSc in Public Health Nutrition from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, is redefining the global nutrition landscape. Based in Geneva, she is finalizing her role in Health Innovation with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

In Sweden, she helmed the ‘Fotografiska for Life’ initiative, merging photography with relevant societal and environment subjects. With over a decade of humanitarian work – notably with the International Committee of the Red Cross – Ana’s experiences highlight her belief in the transformative power of communities.

Through “The Nutriverse” she is creating an innovative platform that bridges science, art, humanity, and nutrition to address urgent food issues at the heart of many social, health, and planetary challenges. This approach uses a narrative filled with joy, hope, and co-creation.
As a member of MAD, Cuisine Lab, and the Social Gastronomy Movement, Ana’s journey showcases innovation in nutrition.



Charlotte Dufour, Interventions Advisor, France

Conscious Food Systems Alliance Secretariat, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Charlotte works on food systems since 2000 with NGOs and the United Nations. She worked many years on nutrition and agriculture in Afghanistan and sub-Saharan Africa, before expanding to food systems work at global level. She now also works on the local food system in Burgundy, France, where she lives. A conversation in 2015 on an “unwritten SDG on love and joy” with David Nabarro (then Special Advisor to UN Secretary General on the SDGs), together with a deepening experience of yoga and meditation, prompted her to shift her focus on the connections between the “inner” and “outer” dimensions of systems change.

She co-founded the non-profit Listening Inspires which promotes the Listening to the Earth movement and “SDG 0 – the SDG of Love and Joy”. She presently works with the UNDP-hosted Conscious Food Systems Alliance Secretariat and consults with the 4SD Foundation. She and her husband are creating a retreat center, Narayan in Les Marions.



Benson Kamau, Kenya

CEO, Climate smart agriculture excellence centres

Benson is an entrepreneur passionate in Agriculture, climate change, environment, community development and fulfilling the SDGs. He is a graduate of Kenyatta University Bcom (Accounting). Having done Bachelor of Commerce he has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and mainly in Agricultural value chain. Benson is the CEO of Climate Smart Excellence Centres (CSAEC) based in Kilifi County in Kenya. CSA excellence Centres is a social enterprise conducting Climate Smart Farms that act as centres of innovation in Climate smart agriculture and which convincingly demonstrate both commercial and environmental benefits of Climate Smart Agriculture.

The local community has gained important experience from some of our CSA farming practices and Centre in Magarini Subcounty that has proved to be more productive than the old and unproductive ways of farming which degrades the land, increase climate change and also which are unsustainable to the farmer.



Matthew Kessler, Sweden

Research and Communications officer at Table and currently sits in the Department of Energy and Technology at Swedish University of Life Sciences

Matthew is a podcaster and educator with a decade of experience working across the food system – on farms, kitchens, classrooms and labs. He grew up in the United States and now lives in Uppsala, Sweden working at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences with TABLE, a collaboration that explores the evidence and values that inform different visions and solutions for the food system.

He hosts, produces and edits two podcasts – Feed, a food system podcast, that asks if a local or global food system is more sustainable, and who should have more power to shape the future of food; and Meat: the Four Futures, a podcast that uses storytelling to explore the competing visions, motivations and evidence supporting four different meat and livestock futures.

Matthew wishes to communicate a range of inclusive solutions to transform the future of food in a more equitable and just direction.