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Provoke Joy! – The narrative

Date(s) - 2022/02/19
10:00 - 11:00



Looking at the circle of colours which composes the SDG logo, we see that this “hole” in the middle can actually be the “whole” – the essence, the space we are all invited to fill with our creativity, our passion and compassion. It gives its wholeness to this Agenda 2030, which, beyond an agenda for sustainable development, should and will be an agenda for reconnection and regeneration…

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September 19th 10:00-11:00 CEST



Cyrille Gaubert, Sweden

Urban farming ecosystem initiator

Cyrille Gaubert, a French national who’s made Sweden his home, is deeply passionate about advocating for local and sustainable food systems. Since 2016, he’s been in the forefront, spearheading the development of the Stadsbruk concept—an urban farming ecosystem initiative. He played a role in co-founding Sweden’s first Food Council in Malmö, showcasing his dedication to fostering positive change within the culinary landscape.

Presently, Cyrille is starting the Uppsala Food Council, where his aim is to facilitate productive collaborations among producers, consumers, public authorities, and private entities. His vision is simple yet transformative: to ensure that the daily provision of a million meals served in Uppsala embodies the core principles of health, sustainability, and great taste.



Anu Seisto, Finland

Research Team Leader, Future customer research at VTT

Anu currently leads the Digital transformation team at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Anu does research in digitalisation and its effect on organisations, and collaborative design of digital services.

She was the team leader at the EIT FoodScienceClass project that brings food science and technology into classrooms and turns students into young food researchers to help raise a new generation of empowered citizens.



Katerina Riviou, Greece

Researcher/Senior Project Manager, R&D department of Ellinogermaniki Agogi

From 2003 she has participated in several R&D projects: currently leading: the FoodSHIFT2030 Athens Accelerator Lab with the support of a network of food related actors (quadruple helix of innovation); activities on Schools and Youth Education on food science in CLEVERFOOD, FOODSHIFT Pathways and PROMEDLIFE (Novel food products for the PROmotion of MEDiterranean LIFEstyle and healthy diet).

Coordinated the Fit4FOOD2030 Athens City Lab with the goals to formulate a transformative network around Food Systems (fs); led implementation in Big data against childhood Obesity aiming to redefine the way existing obesity related policy strategies are designed and deployed in European societies.

Areas of interest: Schools as sites for fs transformation/Living Labs; Sustainable Dietary Habits; Innovation of Research into Education, RRI; Community building and empowerment; Technology-enhanced Learning; Inclusive education (UDL).



Kathy Belpaeme, Belgium

FoodSHIFT 2030 project coordinator and food policy officer, City of Ostend

Kathy started working at the city of Ostend as project coordinator for the Horizon 2020 project FoodSHIFT 2030 in February 2020. The project aims for a sustainable transition of the food system. The shift to more vegetable proteins is an important theme within FoodSHIFT. The city council of Ostend approved a food strategy in December 2020. Since autumn 2021, Kathy has been appointed food policy officer at the city of Ostend.

Kathy is fascinated by all aspects of food and agriculture and has been involved in local fruit and vegetable farming for over 20 years. In addition to her own vegetable garden, she started the ‘Biopluktuin’ in Ostend 12 years ago, a csa (community supported agriculture), where two organic farmers now grow vegetables for 300 people.



László Jaczenko, Hungary

CEO, ClimateSmart Elephant

Laszlo started his career as a business builder specializing in selling products and services online using direct marketing techniques. Inspired by his early successes, he developed a business coaching and marketing consulting and training service to help people start and operate, which he ran for 7 years before switching focus to personal growth and happiness. In the meantime, he started to get involved in various sustainability projects through EIT’s KICs.

He took part in several educational programs of Climate-KIC as facilitator, coach and content creator. With his long-time partner, he founded ClimateSmart Elephant, a communication and education agency that focuses on various sustainability topics and integrates marketing techniques learned in his early career with the dissemination requirements of all projects they take on. Laszlo is a big proponent of behavior change techniques which they also include wherever they are allowed to (most recently a program about home cooking and sustainable eating habits through EIT Food).