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School food in the Baltic Sea Region

Date(s) - 2023/04/27
09:00 - 10:00



Various countries across the world have put school food and sustainability in their long term regional strategic plans. Essential involvement, collaboration and having a common goal from local and national authorities is key to advancing school food sustainability and to tackle the challenges that come with it.

In this first episode, we’re addressing three questions:

  • Why are we talking about school food?
  • What are the thoughts on the SDGs?
  • How could school food programmes help the Baltic Sea Region advance its SDGs commitments?

We have three fantastic drivers of change discussing this topic.

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Urszula Ala-Karvia, Finland

Urszula is a doctoral researcher at University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute, and the lead partner of InterregBSR projects StratKIT (2019-2021) and StratKIT+ (2022-2024). She has personally contributed to creation of the Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit. She holds a MSc (Econ.) degree from University of Szczecin (Poland). For the last 6 years she has been involved in several international research and development projects targeting among others sustainable food systems, farm-to-fork and sustainable public procurement and catering services.



Ulrika Backlund, Sweden

Ulrika, project manager for Sustainable diets and Communications lead for SchoolFood4Change, WWF Sweden. She’s a trained and registered dietitian who for the last 10 years worked with food as a preventive and promotional tool; for public health, environmental sustainability and sustainable development.

Ulrika has a special interest in / focus on healthy and sustainable public meals and its potential. She’s been working with the development of public meals in roles at both local and regional governments as well as at the national level where the Swedish Food Agency and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden are former workplaces. Currently leading the Communication and Outreach workstream for the European and EU-funded project SchoolFood4Change, from the headquarters of WWF Sweden.



Jennifer Avci, Sweden

Jennifer Avci, founder of Sustainable Gastro and project development manager of the InterregBSR project BSR Food Coalition. She’s from Sweden and works internationally with projects focused on cross-sector collaboration on sustainable food systems.

Over the past years, she has also had the role of project manager for a number of UN Food Systems Summit dialogues and Nordic Talks events, which have led to several calls to action and transnational collaborations.

One of them, a farm-to-school program project in the Baltic countries, recently got selected by the EU Interreg BSR program to receive funding. This will be the first program development in the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) with focus on farm-to-plate and the SDGs.




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