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The word “restaurant” might convey a certain image in our heads. White tablecloths, candles, luxurious silverware, elegant waiters swiftly moving between tables and making our every wish a reality on our plate. However, one restaurant in Kaunas is everything but that, though that is their strength.

Hop Doc possesses the simplicity that lets one unwind from rules, frames and from certain expectations. After all, it is a place to eat at. Good food is essential for every restaurant, and Hop Doc shines in this field. In addition to that, the staff will offer you a great selection of craft beers to go with your dish, so the combination is the main reason to come back, and back again.

A Relaxing Atmosphere

A burger. A bottle of beer. The limits of a good time can only be pushed for so much, but Hop Doc keeps surprising. People come here not only to have dinner – they come here to relax, to enjoy each other’s company, so the staff is only where it is really needed. “This place is for people to relax. To come in after a long day of work, to sit down and not be bothered, and just be allowed to still have a meal of high quality, without all the fuss.”, – says Mindaugas, the manager.

Going the Extra Mile

No fuss by the table does not mean no fuss in the kitchen. Restaurant is restaurant, and the team of Hop Doc pushes the envelope to keep their customers happy. High quality food is the priority number one. Homemade mayonnaise, other sauces, meat – cut, marinated and prepared according to the vision of the chef, is what makes those burgers special, and all the other dishes in the restaurant too. The efforts are definitely worth it.

“The fact that we do not have the same concept as other traditional restaurants does not mean we do not have the same quality” says Mindaugas, “The free style of the place allows us to be playful, and just enjoy the process”, – he adds. However, to be able to improvise, you have to know the rules first. The staff has the knowledge, and from over 100 kinds of beer they can offer you that single one that is just right with your chosen dish.

For the Explorers

The guests that come in through the door are not just the general public of Kaunas. The restaurant is hidden away in the old town, and you should know what you’re looking for if you want that delicious burger.

But the food that is not so mainstream requires the customers just as special and the spot that is not so mainstream too. Hop Doc aims at people who love good, quality food, and who know what they want. The guests of Hop Doc are, in the words of Mindaugas, the ones that look for a niche, and Hop Doc is the place.


The effort in food preparation already proves how much Hop Doc cares. However, not only do they care about what they deliver, they also feel responsible for what they leave behind. They have a signed agreement with the company that collects the used oil, and they make sure they recycle and waste no food as well.

Mindaugas confirms having tried to collaborate with the local farmers, but he regrets having to say it is difficult. Since the menu changes twice a year, it is reasonable that they want the produce to be delivered on time, constantly, and only few farmers close by can promise that, so they rely on more established providers that can maintain the amount and quality of the produce.

Kaunas Gastro

The manager describes the last year experience as a learning one. Both for the restaurant, and the customers themselves. He admires the idea of being able to go through a number of restaurants in one evening – so much to discover. He also promises that the customers will have something to discover in Hop Doc too, so be prepared.