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Kauno Kolegija

Kauno kolegija

Kaunas Gastro 2017. A wonderful evening out enjoying the culinary delights Kaunas has to offer. Taking a refreshing walk from one venue to the other to taste a few stunning meals, created by the best chefs in town.

A sea of various salads, vegetables, sauces, meats, and spices. Meet – Taste – Experience – sounds terrific. Wait a moment. Something is missing you’d say. Something essential. Fear not! The dessert, a vital part of every exciting and luxurious dinner, will be waiting for you at the end of your route, in Rotušės aikštė.

Follow the Lead

The students of Kauno Kolegija took on the challenge to make and serve the desserts at the end of your incredible evening. An even bigger challenge, to lead this team, was taken on by a Scottish chef living in Kaunas – Gavin Stewart. His immense experience, gained while working with Michelin star chefs in Italy at the events of highest level, will be the biggest motivation for those students.

“I like working with students and new chefs, because I can energise them, and motivation is crucially important in a large team, especially in such events. I can also pre-empt their mistakes, I can tell what to do in one or the other situation before it happens”, – says Gavin.

He also notes that events like Kaunas Gastro are a great practice for catering students, because they become aware of the opportunities in their own area, and are encouraged to stay in Kaunas and become the great chefs here. “Young people are the future of this place and they have to be motivated, because they are the guiding force behind the change and the development. They have the desire to be the new generation of chefs, so just let them”, – he says.

The Future Chefs

Students themselves are very happy for the possibility to work with a skilled and experienced chef. “We know there is a lot to learn, and when there is someone in the kitchen who knows what they’re doing, someone you can trust, it makes learning easier and gives confidence to carry on”, – says one of the students. To many students the event of this scale is a new experience. However, they are eager to learn and try out new things.

There are two groups of students creating and later serving different desserts for each route. The students are from different years and of mixed levels, which they see as an advantage because they can learn from each other. And learning they are. A lot of effort and time in the kitchen is being put in to make the desserts stand out and that Thursday evening walk – worth it.

Kaunas Gastro

Students of Kauno Kolegija, taught and led by a demanding chef, might just prove that what you need, to experience the joys of quality cooking, and to make everyone else enjoy the final product, is a good team. This one appears to be just that, so be prepared to finish your Kaunas Gastro journey with flying colours.