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Lithuanian Pub Entry

Lithuanian Pub Entry

The Old Town of Kaunas. Many different places here allow to be immersed into the joys of gastronomy. However, one more dared to join the gang and now welcomes its customers into the space of forgotten times and flavours.

Lithuanian Pub Entry is different from its neighbours and the vision of the restaurant is very clear. From specific interior pieces and decorations, to food and visitors, the venue has identity which is waiting to be explored.

Different Kind of Lithuanian

The main theme of the restaurant is Lithuanian interwar period. This is visible everywhere. The interior is especially well thought out, and taken care of. Art Deco style resonates with some of the buildings in Kaunas, as well as it gives the place a nice atmosphere. When at first the environment appears to be dark and a bit cold, in a few moments that changes. The sense of a story being told gives the place its warmth and appeal.

The cuisine has its own spirit too. The dishes are Lithuanian, but not the ones you’re thinking about now. No zeppelins. The truth is that people in villages and people in the cities enjoyed different kinds of meals. The restaurant serves the latter. “People who were richer even had chefs from other countries coming in to cook for them, that is why we do not have those traditional Lithuanian dishes here as we know them”, – says the chef.

 “The New Guys”

The opening party took place only less than three months ago, but the place feels like it has been here for ages. Great start is half the job, and it seems that Entry has done just that. The customers keep coming in and coming back for that experience of familiarity with a new and modern approach.

The restaurant is focused not only on food offered to the customers but to the drinks that go with it too. A great variety of beers, Lithuanian wines, and liquors can add that special flavour to your dinner. Nerijus, the owner, stresses the importance of having not only the cuisine of the interwar period, but the drinks too.

The Way that They Live

Both the owner and the chef agree that the whole image of the restaurant is important to its visitors. That is why they research the needs of their clients. The questionnaires help to improve, as well as to really determine what kind of dishes and experience to reach for.

Perceivably, Entry takes its business responsibly, so they allocate some of their resources in selecting the best ingredients. “Without a doubt, we are collaborating with the farmers, and we look for the providers that can guarantee that higher quality”, – says Nerijus. The chef also adds that it is important to know what you want, and then it is easier to find the products.

Kaunas Gastro

The team of Entry is happy to be a part of Kaunas Gastro 2017. They hope to introduce their venue to new customers, as well as give something special to the ones that already know them.