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Continuing on one of the many paths of sustainability, our latest addition is a new series of podcasts, where we look for current issues in need of solutions, with inspiring talkers.

To strengthen the presence and reach, we aim to do the talks in cooperation with strong partners.

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Provoke Joy 1x1 Cover

PROVOKE JOY! – Nordic Talks

You’ve probably heard of SDG1-17, but is there an SDG0? One thing that tends to be forgotten when dealing with the challenges that need strong and urgent collaboration – is to bring Joy to the table.

The pressure is growing on changing our food systems. The planet can only take so much of this stress. Staying within its environmental limits will require a global shift towards healthy and more plant-based diets, halving food loss and waste, and improving farming practices and technologies.
What could become of the world if we centred joy when designing our food systems? Join us on four different conversations and occasions.

September 15th, 15:00 – 17:00 BST – King’s College London
September 18th, 10:00 – 11:00 CEST – The development of meaning
September 19th, 10:00 – 11:00 CEST – The narrative
September 19th, 15:30 – 16:30 CEST – The final story

Empowering Women Instagram, LinkedIn & FB

Empowering Women – Nordic Talks

A growing number of women are using their work to tackle gender inequality in our food systems, challenging their community to act. These women have made a great impact on a local and international level.

How can we use Social Gastronomy as a mean to empower women to create a sustainable income model and to pave the way for our daughters and granddaughters?

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Empowering Women Cover Instagram

Empowering Women through Social Gastronomy

Part 1 & 2 – Independent UNFSS Dialogue Convened by Sustainable Gastro

We live in a world where women in all sectors, especially in the food industry, work under oppression, along with long working hours and lower wages.

The idea that sustainable food systems actually benefit countless people in the process from soil to plate is not accepted in many parts of the world. On top of that, many projects and achievements by women are ignored. Women will continue to live with difficulties in the food industry, until the idea that women can change the future of nature and society is accepted everywhere.

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REKO 1x1

The Nordic “Cookbook for systems change” – REKO MISSION

Independent UNFSS Dialogue Convened by Sustainable Gastro

Small businesses and smallholder farms are very important to food security, and increasing agricultural productivity is closely linked to reducing rural poverty and hunger. Yet, food continues to be lost and wasted. There is an urgent need for governments to make food loss and waste part of national climate strategies. These involve more public and private investments in transformation, stronger partnerships, training for smallholder farmers, technology and innovation to step up the fight against food loss and waste. There are many different innovative ways to tackle the challenges of food loss and waste – many of which we will discuss during this event.

How can we use the Nordic “Cookbook for Systems Change” as a strategic tool for a REKO mission project in the Baltics; to support small farmers, reduce food waste and increase sustainable food consumption?

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UNFSS 24-27 August

European Capitals of Culture 2022 – Edible School Gardens

Independent UNFSS Dialogue Convened by Sustainable Gastro

Research shows that children are more likely to try and value a new fruit or vegetable if they have been involved in planting, growing, and harvesting it. Edible gardens can provide healthy eating habits that will stay with kids throughout their lives.

How can the three European Capitals 2022 take the lead to foster and accelerate sustainable food tourism and a societal inclusiveness through Agrarian Urbanism?

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Community women square Talks cover4

Community Women & Recipes for Change

How do Social Gastronomy organisations respond inequities in the food systems? Can we get inspired by the courageous women building resilient communities?
Join our first Social Gastronomy Talk discussing the importance and offering solutions in how we foster solidarity, resilience and culture of cooperation.

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Organic Food Insta

Organic Food – Drivers in Emerging Markets

Do people understand the value of food today? Our Nordic Talk focuses on front-runners that share their experience and know-how in building resilient societies. Organics are often more expensive, what can we do to mitigate this?

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