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One of the main streets of Kaunas. Nearby – a noisy bus station. Being open just for two months, the restaurant is already showing its true potential and receiving worthy clients.

The owner of the restaurant, Mindaugas, is the head chef in the kitchen and also manages the restaurant himself. From the very first day in the business the idea was clear – quality, the ability to adapt, and constant development.

Modern Kitchen

The restaurant looks modern but still feels welcoming and comfortable, and you expect your dinner there to be fresh, stunning, and yet familiar, just as all dinners should be.

Mindaugas states in the beginning that the focus of the restaurant is aimed at the quality of the food, and not necessarily at the presentation or making a show out of it. “We want the place and the plates to be tidy, clean, and with no unnecessary fuss. The food, the ingredients, and the taste is what should stand out”, – he says.

Changing and Going Forward

What help these things to stand out are the quality products the restaurant chooses. Mindaugas is collaborating with local farmers who provide vegetables and meat. When other restaurants find it difficult to work with such providers because they cannot guarantee the same amount of produce every time or constant delivery, this one makes it its advantage.

“The menu is constantly changing, depending of what produce we can get. We are not afraid to change and adapt, we put in the effort and move quickly”, – says the chef, – “If I know that I cannot get this or that one week or another, I am making something else, from the ingredients I have. No big deal. It only matters that the products are fresh and local” – he adds.

Cuisine of Kaunas

Mindaugas is really happy to belong to the gastro scene of Kaunas because he feels the venues are evolving. “There are many more good places to eat at than before, and the quality of the food is getting better as well. Not that the things were bad before, but perfection has no limits”, – he says.

He also agrees that when the supply is improving, people start to want better things too. “The guests of the restaurants are educated, and they know what they want on their plate, they want better quality, and that we can offer”, – the chef adds.

Kaunas Gastro

Mindaugas has already participated in Vilnius Gastro this year, when he was still working for the restaurant “Element”, and their results were really good. However, the chef does not want to do the same thing again just because it worked somewhere else. The city is different, people are different, so the experience will be different too, but in no way disappointing.

Optimistai sees the event as a great way to celebrate the gastronomy of Kaunas, to introduce people to new dishes and new venues. Such event requires immense preparation and teamwork, and only strengthens the image of the restaurant, so this one is staying optimistic.