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An exotic place in the middle of Kaunas. The premises that draw the largest crowds with its concerts, games and entertainment. However, there is one thing more to enjoy in Žalgiris arena.

A modern yet warm and inviting environment. Industrial design with a touch of elegance. Outside the huge window – Nemunas calmly running by. The restaurant SALA can offer you a different kind of experience with its energy and, most importantly, food.

The Island

The restaurant was intentionally built around the idea of serving people who come to Žalgiris arena for events. The crowds that are having a good time out but still want that quality food, that feeling of a luxurious dinner. Now SALA offers much more than that to its visitors.

The restaurant is becoming not only the place to eat at after, or during a break of an event, but a place to go for a nice dinner too. The venue’s only difference from other high-quality restaurants is its unconventional premises – not many of them are situated in the multifunctional arenas, even fewer – on a piece of land in the middle of a river – but that is their advantage.

Simple and Local, yet Worth It

The manager Ernesta says that they are mainly focused on food that is simple but requires a level of technique and is made from higher quality ingredients. That is what makes even the simplest dishes luxurious and even more delicious.

The venue prioritises Lithuanian ingredients and is very proud to have an impressive array of Lithuanian cheeses. “Sometimes it surprises people, but Lithuanian cheese makers can also make different cheeses, not only the one we’re so familiar with. We can even offer blue cheese that is completely Lithuanian, and that adds something extra to our dishes”, – says Ernesta.

“We’re trying to focus on Lithuanian beef, lamb, and venison. For now, the menu is seasonal, but still in transition, we are still trying things out, but we want to move away from the traditional pork and chicken”, – says Steven, the head chef from Scotland.

Local Cuisine

Both the manager and the chef agree that the restaurants in Kaunas have something to offer when it comes to higher quality and delicious meals. “Before, we used to go to Vilnius for something more interesting, for something different. For a long time now, we can find some special dishes, and try new flavours in Kaunas too. No need to go anywhere”, – the manager adds.

Kaunas Gastro

SALA is happy to participate in the feast of fresh flavours and experiences. They will show that it is worth crossing that bridge for a bite of surprising deliciousness. Take the yellow route and be immersed in new exciting discoveries.