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Moving further away from the city. Away from tall concrete buildings, city lights, and all the noise. The restaurant Siesta can be proud of being able to offer something more than just good food and service – they can enrichen your evening with beautiful, natural surroundings too.

However, to experience the atmosphere, the nature that surrounds the venue, one must drive 20 km, but is worth the effort. The manager, Ingrida, and the chef, Jaroslav are telling us why.

Sophisticated, yet Informal

Siesta is the restaurant created from what was old and shabby houses, a homestead. Already making its visitors happy for three and a half years, the restaurant is still searching for the best representation of their identity through food. Despite being near the road Kaunas – Klaipėda, it steered clear from traditional Lithuanian dishes and aimed for food of higher quality.

Therefore, Jaroslav and Ingrida agree that the venue is for people who are in no rush, who are able to relax even if they are travelling somewhere, for the people who know what they want on their plate. Though Ingrida, the manager adds “We want the food to be of high quality but we don’t want it to be too formal, so the client feels much more welcomed and taken care of”, – she says.

The Food to Enjoy

Jaroslav is the main driving force of the menu, though the whole kitchen team is involved in the process of making new dishes as best as possible. The menu itself changes twice a year, for a warmer and for a colder season. The chef also admits trying to get away from potatoes, so loved by Lithuanians, and rather chooses grains, like lentils or buckwheat, though potatoes are now on the menu as well.


Even if the recipes are not all taken from the recipe books of our grandmothers, many of the products delivered to the restaurant and later used in the dishes are Lithuanian. Fish, some beef from Biržai, most of which is exported to other countries, remains in Lithuania and is delivered to Siesta. The restaurant is also collaborating with Biomotorai that collects and recycles used cooking oil.

Siesta is also proud in having a talented team. They agree that it is difficult to constantly keep the same people but the ones who work for them are in for a great experience. “When the work day starts, it is very good to know it will be spent with the people we like, and who are great to work with. The job here is also a great school, and we have noticed people remaining in the business after working for us”, – Jaroslav says.

Kaunas Gastro

It will be the first time Siesta will participate in Kaunas Gastro, and this one will be unconventional too. They do not expect the visitors to come all the way to their restaurant but they are coming all the way for you. At the end of the yellow route, in their tent, just before you head home, you will be given a special gift from Siesta restaurant.