The Talks

Continuing on one of the many paths of sustainability, our latest addition is a new series of podcasts, where we look for current issues in need of solutions, with inspiring talkers.

To strengthen the presence and reach, we aim to do the talks in cooperation with strong partners.

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UNFSS 24-27 August

European Capitals of Culture 2022 – Edible School Gardens

Independent UNFSS Dialogue Convened by Sustainable Gastro

Research shows that children are more likely to try and value a new fruit or vegetable if they have been involved in planting, growing, and harvesting it. Edible gardens can provide healthy eating habits that will stay with kids throughout their lives.

How can the three European Capitals 2022 take the lead to foster and accelerate sustainable food tourism and a societal inclusiveness through Agrarian Urbanism?

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Community women square Talks cover4

Community Women & Recipes for Change

How do Social Gastronomy organisations respond inequities in the food systems? Can we get inspired by the courageous women building resilient communities?
Join our first Social Gastronomy Talk discussing the importance and offering solutions in how we foster solidarity, resilience and culture of cooperation.

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Organic Food Insta

Organic Food – Drivers in Emerging Markets

Do people understand the value of food today? Our Nordic Talk focuses on front-runners that share their experience and know-how in building resilient societies. Organics are often more expensive, what can we do to mitigate this?

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