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Away from Kaunas. A few months back. Vilnius Gastro 2017. A labyrinth of the greatest restaurants in Vilnius for people to explore. Now it is clear that one of them stood out. Having succeeded in surprising and making our palates happy in Vilnius, the team of Trinity has some advice to share with the participating venues of Kaunas Gastro 2017 too.

Three Steps

The name of the restaurant already conveys the experience people should have there. Three different places behind one name to ensure full and exciting dinner experience. Aperitivo bar, Restaurant and Digestivo bar between the walls of a former 18th century monastery. The venue itself seems to be thriving now. Not that it wasn’t before but it appears that the team of Trinity has fully developed their image over the two and a half years they’re in the business.

The restaurant focuses on local guests, and even more and more on local produce. Dalius claims that for the first time in the history of Trinity, they are eliminating prawns, tuna and octopus from the upcoming menu. According to him, there is no need to get something exotic, that is frozen or waste energy on shipping, when you can get something local just around the corner and as fresh as ever.

Taking Vilnius Gastro 2017 by Storm. How Did They Do It?

The winner of Vilnius Gastro 2017, Trinity, was on the red route; its visitors were met with impeccable hospitality and the dishes to die for. Either the crispy, heavenly light Pork Belly, or the comforting Pearl Barley Orzotto with Pines could be served on your table, and both choices were equally delicious. Evidently, choosing the secondary ingredients has not been a bad move. On the contrary, new flavours allowed to be playful and surprising.

However, the dish alone cannot carry the whole event, no matter how good it is. Dalius and Kipras, the driving force of Trinity, stress the importance of preparation. “If the organisers are saying there will be 300 people, prepare for 400. Be sure you know who does what on the day of the event, and not only be ready for the first guests, be ready for the second ones too – plan the change of the tables equally well.”, – says Kipras, the manager. These sound like small details, but they make up the whole picture, and if something is not right, the whole experience is at risk too.

Going Out of the Comfort Zone

Dalius believes that such events are the best way to introduce something new to your audience. “Go out of your comfort zone, and make your guests do the same too. It is not about something we already know; it is a great opportunity to forget the standard dishes, traditional recipes, and try out something new and unexpected”, – he says.

However, the chef also adds that there is no need to invent something completely new. “Yes, it has to be exciting, but you shouldn’t go overboard. Keep it simple, keep it tasty. Also, remember, that you’re not cooking for a few hundred chefs, you’re cooking for your own guests, for the public”, – says Dalius, while wishing the best of luck to the Kaunas restaurants.